When the Going Gets Tough

We have all experienced at least one tough moment in our lives. Sometimes the moment comes with a warning, other times life hits you out of nowhere. 

Tough times produce tough people. You know the saying “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” Tough times don’t define you, they refine you. Just like how gold is purified by being put through the fire, our imperfections are stripped away after going through tough times.

But tough times don’t only make us stronger, tough times prove to us who in our lives really have our backs. I believe the philosopher, Tracy Lawrence, said it best in his song “Find Out Who Your Friends Are.” Not everyone who shouts the loudest will stick with you when you’re at your lowest. You really find out who’s who when the rubber meets the road.

Even Jesus experienced desertion when the going got tough. (See John 19:25-27) Crowds of people followed Jesus when he was preaching, teaching, and healing but not even a handful of those people were there when he was hanging on the cross. People who barely knew Jesus were there with him when he was on the mountain, but even close family and friends deserted him when he was in the valley. The crowds shouted him down when he was on top, but disappeared in silence when he hit rock bottom.

The truth comes at you quick when tough times hit you hard. Remember those people who were with you when you were in the fire and helped you get through the tough times in life. Because those are the people in your life you need to hold onto.


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