One Step Forward Two Steps Backwards 

You’ve probably heard the saying “One step forward. Two steps backwards.” You might have had an experience or two that felt like that. It might even be your life story.

The truth is that sometimes in life you have to go back in order to go forward. And even though at the moment you don’t see it and it doesn’t feel like it, there is purpose in going backwards. Just like an archer has to pull the arrow back before it can go forward, we are sometimes pulled backwards in life in order for us to be propelled forwards. And also just like the further the archer pulls the arrow backwards on the bow the farther the arrow travels forward, the more pulling that we experience will eventually launch us much farther than we could have gone without it.

What seems like a drawback in your life is actually the tool that will launch you further towards your destiny. Your setbacks in life are actually setups that propel you further along life’s journey. 

So when it seems like your are falling back in life, take heart that there lies purpose in it to propel you towards your destiny. Don’t resist the pull in your life because it will launch your further than you could have ever gone without it. Have hope in the step back because it more than likely means many steps forward in your life.


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