Have you ever realized how we put limits on our lives? For example in the business world we talk about the glass ceiling. We consciously focus on what prevents us from accomplishing things in life. We blame others. We make excuses. And we put limitations on our goals and dreams.

The truth is your limitation isn’t what you don’t have but what you don’t use. How much more could we accomplish in life if we focused more on what we do have instead of what we don’t have? How much more success would we have in life if we got the most out of what we do have and didn’t waste things because we were concentrated on what everyone else has?

How many times have you made the excuse that you couldn’t do x because you don’t have y? What would happen if you flipped the script and focused on getting the most out of what you have? Quit putting limitations on yourself because of what you don’t have. Stop limiting yourself because of the opportunities you didn’t receive that other people did.

Turn your focus on the opportunities you do have. Concentrate on what you can accomplish with what you’ve already been given. Get the most out of what you have. When you do that, you will break through that glass ceiling and realize that your life can be limitless.


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