Damaged Goods


There is an alarming epidemic in our world today to place labels on people based on what they have done. We are very quick to toss people aside, give up on them, and write them off.

Women seem to take the blunt of this epidemic. A woman who sleeps around or has a past full of baggage, we refer to as damage goods. I find it very ironic that a man who sleeps around is considered a player or hero and is looked up too. Other men actually aspire to become like this person. But a woman who does the same thing is despised and looked down upon. If that is not a double standard I don’t know what is.

Unfortunately the group that historically has wrote these people off and considered them as damage goods is the church. The people that should be the most accepting of these people and welcome them with open arms, cause if you read your Bible that’s what Jesus did, do the exact opposite. Church should be a hospital for sinners not an asylum for saints. Church should be where sinners find loving arms to hold them not a place where saints slam the door in their face. Church should be people’s first response not their last resort.

It is time for us to see people the way Jesus sees them. We need to start viewing people by who they are, God’s child, and not by what they have done. People are not what the world says they are but they are what Jesus says they are. Romans 8:1 says “Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”

There is a story that puts this whole thing into perspective. You can see the video here.

That is what it’s all about. Jesus died so that people don’t have to be prisoner’s of their past, don’t have to be judged, don’t have to be labeled, don’t have to be referred to as damaged goods. Let’s let people’s past be the past. Let’s welcome them with open arms. Let’s show them love. And let’s give them the hope that was freely given to us.


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