Risky Business 

The quote in the picture above is from Christopher Columbus. The same Christopher Columbus who discovered the new world against all the odds. Who set sail admits a ton of scrutiny. Who determined to go further than anyone had ever gone before.

What Columbus did was very risky. But with risk comes reward. Some may even say what Columbus did was foolish because he sailed into the great unknown. But in order to discover something new you have to be willing to go further than anyone else has been.

Before God’s people could enter the promise land they had to first cross the Jordan River. (You can read the whole story in Joshua 3) This was a little different from when they had to cross the Red Sea. You see in that instance God parted the Red Sea and made a path for His people to cross through on dry land. In the case of the Jordan, God told Joshua that the priests carrying the ark of the covenant had to get into the water first before He would stop it from flowing. There was a few problems with this command though. First was that the Jordan River was in its floodstage, which meant that it was flowing more rapidly and dangerously than ever before. The second was that when the water stopped it didn’t stop right where the priests got in, but it stopped a “great distance” upstream from where they were. They had to trust that God was going to be true to His word even though they couldn’t see it right away. 

You see God had already done what He promised He was going to do, they just couldn’t see it yet. Sometimes in order to experience the promise you have to push past your perception. You have to lose sight of your past in order to take hold of your future. 

Some of you reading this are right on the water’s edge. You’re scared of the situation your facing. You’re scared of the unknown. You’re scared to step into the water because of the risk. You’re scared to lose sight of the shore because it’s what you always known. 

The courage to leave the shore doesn’t come from focusing on what’s around you, but comes from what’s in you. The strength to leave the water’s edge isn’t found in what you see, but is in the faith of believing what you cannot see. 

You see as long as you keep looking back at the shore, you can’t see what lies ahead just beyond the horizon. So take your eyes off of what you can see and start believing in what you can’t see. Don’t allow the risk to scare you away from the reward. Don’t let the pressure keep you from the promise. 


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