Left at the Altar

Every wedding I’ve ever been to or been a part of, the groom is always waiting at the altar for the bride to show up. One hundred percent of the time the groom is all ready to go and is waiting for his bride to get ready. Even at my own wedding, I was ready waiting and had made all the preparations for my beautiful bride to show up. When the groom is waiting at the altar, there is nothing left that has to be done. Nothing has to be prepared. All that is needed for the wedding to commence is the bride. 

We are referred to as the bride of Christ. (See Revelation 19:7) Jesus is our groom. So I find it kind of odd when people say that they are waiting for God to do something. I find it strange that we sing songs that say we are waiting on God to move. We are always sitting back waiting on God to show up and show off in our lives.

If the Bible is true calling us Jesus’ bride, which I believe it is, then Jesus is waiting on us. Everything has already been prepared. The work has already been done. Jesus is sitting on His throne at the altar of grace waiting on us.

So maybe the reason you feel like God isn’t doing anything in your life is not because you are waiting on Him, but it’s because He is waiting on you to prepare yourself for Him. Maybe it’s not a case of God showing up but it’s that God is waiting for you to show up. 

Jesus has already prepared the way for you. All you have to do is walk down the aisle and meet Him at the altar. See some of you are trying to get yourself right and clean yourself up before you can show up at the altar. But Jesus has done all the work. He has clothed you with His righteousness. You are right in His eyes. When He looks at you, He sees a beautiful spotless bride. He is just waiting on you to accept His invitation and show up.


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