I’m Already There

Have you ever come across one of those moments in your life where you had to make an extremely big decision? Now I’m not talking about the last time you decided what clothes to wear or where to go eat. I’m talking about a very important decision. I’m talking about a decision where you needed solid conformation from God that you were making the right choice.

Well I remember mine because it happened recently, like two days ago recently. Now my wife and I had been talking for a while now on getting her a new vehicle. The car that she was currently driving was the first and only car she has ever had. She had had this car since she started driving. It was a very good car. It had lasted a very long time but it had been on it’s last legs for while. So much so that my wife was nervous every time she drove it, I was worried every time I got in it, and both of us weren’t sure how much longer she was going to last. (Yes I called it she cause my wife had named her car Sally, Sal for short, that just shows how long she had had her car for. It was very tough for my wife to let her car go. Until she got in the new car, of course, then Sal was a distant memory. But I digress.)

The problem we had though, and this is what made it such a big decision, is at the time we were not in a good financial situation to take on another loan. In fact we had just recently paid off the loan for my truck and we both weren’t comfortable with jumping right back into another car payment. So I needed some pretty convincing conformation this was the right choice to make. I needed to know beyond the shadow of a doubt that this was the right thing to do. I’m going to be really honest with you, at this point, I was pretty scared. Cause I knew my wife needed a safe and reliable vehicle but I knew we couldn’t really afford one and I didn’t know what we were supposed to do.

So the night before we were going to go to the dealership to purchase a new vehicle, I asked God to confirm to me this was the choice we were suppose to make. And right after I asked that, it was almost like I heard God say “Son, I’m already there.” Now as soon as I heard that something in my spirit brought me to the Lonestar song “I’m Already There.” You know the one where the dad is traveling on the road and he stops to call back home. The wife hands the phone to his son and the son asks when his dad is coming home. The dad responds to the son to take a look around and realize that his dad is already there he just has to open his eyes to see that his dad is in everything around him. That was what God was trying to say to me. I was the little boy and he was the dad. He was saying “Look around, son, I’m already there.”

I realized on that day when we went to get the new vehicle for my wife, as I stepped back and took a look around, I could see God’s handy work in everything, even down to the little things like someone else buying our drinks for us at Starbucks. God revealed to me a side of him I had never seen before. This whole time I thought God was up there somewhere in the cosmos waiting for me to ask Him to move on my behalf. I thought that as soon as I asked God to do something, He jumped up from His throne and reported for duty like a soldier going off to war. I thought maybe I caught Him off guard, surprised Him, or maybe even shocked Him. But that isn’t the case. I realized that the reason Romans 8:28 says that God works everything (the good, the bad, and the ugly) out for my good is because He’s already there. In other words God is not waiting on me to ask Him to do something so He can get up and do it, He is waiting for me to realize that it has already been done. He isn’t waiting for me to ask Him something so that He has something to do, He is waiting for me to open up my eyes and see His handy work all around me.

So the next time you come across a major decision to be made, hear the Father say to you “Son, I’m already there.” When you are scared that you’re not going to make the right choice, hear God say “Daughter, I’m already there.” Then open up your eyes in order to see Him all around you and walk through what He has already done.


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