Call It Like It Is

More likely than not you’ve probably heard someone say in a conversation “I just call it like it is.” It’s only natural as humans to look at our situation and refer to it like we see it. We automatically assume the worst in everything we come across in our lives. It’s like carved into our DNA. The boss calls us into a meeting. We immediately think we did something wrong or we are going to get fired. Our wife says those four scariest words known to man kind “We need to talk.” (Husbands everywhere reading this just cringed)

Why is it like that? Why do we see the glass as half empty? Because of this it’s hard for us to fathom the words written in Romans “who gives life to the dead and calls those things which are not as though they were.” (See Romans 4:17) In other words don’t call it as it is, call it what it should be. Anyone can call it like it is, but it takes real faith to look past what it is and call it what it could be.

In the beginning when God was done creating everything, He brought the animals to Adam to see what man would call them. Whatever Adam called the animals that’s what it was. You see God creates situations in our lives to see what we will call them. You can either choose to call them as you see it or you can look at them through the lens of faith and call them as God sees them.

God doesn’t see the mistakes we made, He sees the price Jesus paid. God doesn’t see our mess, He sees a message to be proclaimed. God doesn’t see a blood stained cross, He sees an empty tomb.

What would your life, what would my life, what would our lives be like if we quit calling it like it is and started seeing it for what it could be? 


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