The Process vs. The Person

In our culture today we find ourselves captivated by the process. We have all kinds of processes for everything we go through. Ten step process for this and a twelve step process for that. If you do this this and this, you will get that. If you study really hard, you’ll get good grades. If you get good grades, you’ll get into college. If you graduate from college, you’ll get a good job. If you work really hard, you’ll get that promotion. And the process goes on. But what happens when the process doesn’t work? What happens when you follow all ten steps, but you don’t get the result you were looking for? What do you do then? Do you try another ten step program? Do you start all over from scratch with the newest process? Or do you just give up and quit trying all together?

If we examine the Gospels; Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, we’ll notice something about the way Jesus chose to heal people. Jesus never chose to heal someone in the same way He healed someone else. For example, He healed multiple people who were blind but never the same way. He healed one blind person by laying His hand on their eyes. Another one, He healed by rubbing mud on their eyes and having them wash it off. And another, He healed by spitting on their eyes. Why do you think Jesus chose not to heal people using the same process? He could have. He’s Jesus. He can do anything. But He didn’t. I believe it’s because Jesus knew that we would get caught up in how He healed someone and not in who was doing the healing. In other words if Jesus would have chose to heal everyone the same way, we would focus on the process and not the Person. We would be so concerned with if we just did this then we would get that.

The process tells us if we do something then we will get something. The Person tells us that if we believe in Someone then He will do it. The process tells us we can do it on our own. The Person tells us to rely on Him and Him alone. The process eliminates God from the equation. The Person says that God is the equation. The process causes us to focus on results. The Person causes us to focus on relationship. The process will fail you. But the Person, Jesus, will never fail you.

So before you go running to the bookstore to grab the next best-selling ten step process of the shelf turn to the Person of Jesus. He has done, He can do, and He will do what you are trying to do on your own. He is everything you need.


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