If It’s You

If the homeless man on the street corner came up to you and told you that he was going to pay off all your debts; he was going to pay off your house, he was going to pay off your car, he was going to pay off your credit cards, he was even going to pay off your student loans, you would think he was crazy. But if Bill Gates came up to you, you would have a difference of opinion in whether or not he could pay off your loans. Why is that? It’s because of who the person is. It’s because you know, based on the person’s past, that they can do it or not. Because Bill Gates is the 37th richest country in the whole world you don’t ┬áblink an eye whether or not he can do it, but because the homeless man can’t rub two dimes together you have your doubts.

I find it very interesting what Peter says to Jesus in Matthew 14 right before he steps out of the boat in order to walk on the water. He says “Lord, if it’s you, tell me to come to you on the water.” (See Mathew 14:28 NIV) Peter didn’t want to know if it was possible to walk on water. He didn’t want to know if it was safe. He didn’t want to know if it was water walking season. He didn’t want to know if it was going to hurt. He didn’t try to understand the situation. He didn’t even doubt what would happen. All Peter was concerned with was if it was Jesus who was walking on the water. He didn’t want to know anything else. Why did Peter respond like this? I believe it was because of the truth that the greatest indicator of God’s future faithfulness is His past provision. All through the book of Matthew we read about how Jesus opened blind eyes, how He healed the sick, how He fed five thousand people, and even how He raised the dead. Peter was an eye witness to this. Because of this, he didn’t need to know anything else, he just needed to know if it was Jesus.

What is it in your life that you’re trying to know everything else about? What is it that you’re trying to understand? What is it that just doesn’t add up? What is it that doesn’t make sense? Be like Peter and respond Jesus, if it’s you, I’ll step out of my comfort zone. Jesus, if it’s you, I’ll pack up and move. Jesus, if it’s you, I’ll go back to school. Jesus, if it’s you, I’ll get out of the boat. I’ve seen you provide in the past, I know you are with me in the present, and I believe you will be faithful in the future. Jesus, if it’s you.


Mouth to Mouth

When I coached high school baseball I was required to be First Aid and CPR certified. This meant that I had to pass a written test online and also pass a hands on test with a First Aid/CPR certified instructor. During the hands on part, I had to learn how to properly administer “Mouth-to-Mouth Resuscitation.” This is when you breathe into someone who is not breathing in order that they may start to breathe again. In other words, you take what is inside of you and put it inside of them in order that what you put inside of them may come out.

With this in mind, let’s look at the first few chapters of Genesis. In Genesis 1, we read about how God created the world. We see that God spoke everything into existence. When God spoke something was created. But in Genesis 2 we read something very interesting. Look at verse 7 “Then the Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.” You see when God decided to make everything else He spoke them into being, but when God decided to create man words weren’t good enough. You see when God decided to create you and me He took some dirt and formed us with His hands. You see we were such an exquisite creation that God didn’t just want to speak but He desired to touch us. But He didn’t stop there. He didn’t quit after getting His hands dirty. Because after all formed dirt is still just dirt. There is no life to it. So God breathed into man the breath of life. God took what was inside of Him and put it inside of you and me.

For those of you who feel insignificant, for those reading this who feel unimportant, for you who feels like you’re a nobody be encouraged today and know that when the Creator of the universe decided to create you He didn’t just speak you into existence, He breathed you into existence. He got His hands dirty, reached into the mess, and formed beauty out of the ashes. But He didn’t stop there. He took what was inside of Him and put it inside of you. He breathed hope into you that you may breathe out a future. He breathed love into you that you may breathe out peace. He breathed healing into you that you may breathe out wholeness. He breathed laughter into you that you may breathe out joy. He breathed freedom into you so that you may breathe out life.

So no longer act like you don’t matter. Don’t act like you can’t make a difference. You were created on purpose, with a purpose, for a purpose. And you were resuscitated ┬áby God in order that you may be elevated to a life that is so much more than you could ever dream of.

The Process vs. The Person

In our culture today we find ourselves captivated by the process. We have all kinds of processes for everything we go through. Ten step process for this and a twelve step process for that. If you do this this and this, you will get that. If you study really hard, you’ll get good grades. If you get good grades, you’ll get into college. If you graduate from college, you’ll get a good job. If you work really hard, you’ll get that promotion. And the process goes on. But what happens when the process doesn’t work? What happens when you follow all ten steps, but you don’t get the result you were looking for? What do you do then? Do you try another ten step program? Do you start all over from scratch with the newest process? Or do you just give up and quit trying all together?

If we examine the Gospels; Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, we’ll notice something about the way Jesus chose to heal people. Jesus never chose to heal someone in the same way He healed someone else. For example, He healed multiple people who were blind but never the same way. He healed one blind person by laying His hand on their eyes. Another one, He healed by rubbing mud on their eyes and having them wash it off. And another, He healed by spitting on their eyes. Why do you think Jesus chose not to heal people using the same process? He could have. He’s Jesus. He can do anything. But He didn’t. I believe it’s because Jesus knew that we would get caught up in how He healed someone and not in who was doing the healing. In other words if Jesus would have chose to heal everyone the same way, we would focus on the process and not the Person. We would be so concerned with if we just did this then we would get that.

The process tells us if we do something then we will get something. The Person tells us that if we believe in Someone then He will do it. The process tells us we can do it on our own. The Person tells us to rely on Him and Him alone. The process eliminates God from the equation. The Person says that God is the equation. The process causes us to focus on results. The Person causes us to focus on relationship. The process will fail you. But the Person, Jesus, will never fail you.

So before you go running to the bookstore to grab the next best-selling ten step process of the shelf turn to the Person of Jesus. He has done, He can do, and He will do what you are trying to do on your own. He is everything you need.

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