Did I Not Tell You?

If there has ever been a time in your life where circumstances and situations that arose caused you to doubt the truth of God’s Word, then this post is for you. I believe that as long as you are breathing there are going to be things in life that you face that are going to make you rethink what you read or heard in God’s Word. There are going to be times where what you’re experiencing is not looking like what the truth of God’s Word says. How do I know this? Glad you asked. Cause I’ve been there. I’m actually right there now as I’m writing this post. What do you do when your life is not lining up with the Word of God? Well here is something recently that I’ve come across that has helped me that I hope will help you as well.

In John 11, we read about the story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. Now I have read this story, heard people share messages about this story, and even have shared messages and posts about this story countless times before but I have never seen what I saw the last time I heard a message on this story. Sometimes you can read something numerous times in God’s Word and each time you do something new that you’ve never seen before jumps out at you. I believe this is because of a few reasons. One because God’s Word is our daily bread and it is living and active so it always applies to our lives. Second, I believe God chooses to reveal to us different things in His Word just at the right moment to help us for when we are going through things in our lives at that exact time.

Well that’s exactly what happened with me concerning John 11. I encourage you to read this story yourself and see what God reveals to you, but for now and for the purpose of this post I will give you an overview. So at the beginning of John 11, Jesus gets the news that Lazarus is severely sick. But instead of leaving right away to go heal Lazarus, which Jesus could have most certainly done and is what we would have expected Him to do, Jesus decides to wait two more days where He is at with His disciples before He goes to where Lazarus is. Because of this when Jesus finally shows up in Bethany, the town where Lazarus and his two sisters lived, Lazarus has been dead for four days. Martha, Lazarus’ oldest sister, comes to Jesus visibly upset that He didn’t come when He received the news that Lazarus was sick. Jesus tells her not to worry because He is going to raise Lazarus from the dead. Martha says she believes Jesus but when they get to the place where they had buried Lazarus, Martha questions Jesus. Jesus’ response to her is what jumped out to me that I had never seen before. He says to her “Did I not tell you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God?” Because of life’s circumstances, Martha began to doubt the truth that Jesus had told her. Jesus’ response to her doubt was for her to go back to the truth.

The truth that I grabbed from this that I would like for you to take away from this post is : Our circumstances don’t change God’s character. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. His Word is true. It does not return void. If God says it, He will deliver on His Word. Just because what you see in your life doesn’t line up with the truth in God’s Word, it doesn’t mean that God will not come through. He may not be on our time, but He is always on time. He will not delay. He will come through always.

So when life’s circumstances and situations cause you to doubt, go back to the truth. When sickness comes over your body, did Jesus not tell you that He is your healer? (Psalm 103:3) When your finances aren’t lining up to pay your bills, did Jesus not tell you that He is your provider? (Philippians 4:19) When your life is falling apart, did Jesus not tell you that He is your protector? (Psalm 91) When your are being overwhelmed by fear, did Jesus not tell you that He is your hope? (1 John 4:18) I don’t know what you may be experiencing in your life. But did Jesus not tell you?!?


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