One of the largest trees in the world is the oak tree. They grow to an average height of 50 to 70 feet. They tend to have a spread of as much as 50 feet from branch to branch. The white oak is the tallest, reaching as high as 100 feet with a spread of 80 feet. But did you know that a tree as large as an oak finds it’s origin from something as small as an acorn. How can something so massive come from something so minuscule?

The same concept holds true for us when we ask God for a need. I heard Apostle Ron Carpenter, Founder and Senior Pastor of Redemption World Outreach Center, say “When we ask God for a need, He gives us a seed.” In other words when we ask God for an oak tree, He gives us an acorn.

God answers our prayers but many times we don’t see it because our answers arrive in seed form. And the problem with receiving a seed is that it takes time to produce into the need that we asked God for. An acorn on average takes 8-16 months to develop into an oak tree. Many times in life it takes the same time frame, sometimes even longer, to see our needs met because the seed that we were given has not yet developed.

God has given us 66 bags of seed referred to as His Word, the Bible, for all of our needs. If you need joy, there is a seed (Psalm 30:5) for that. If you need provision, there is a seed (Philippians 4:19) for that. If you need hope, there is a seed (Romans 15:13) for that. If you need peace, there is a seed (Philippians 4:7) for that. If you need strength, there is a seed (Philippians 4:13) for that. Whatever your needs are in life, there is a seed for it. You just have to find it.

Maybe the thing that you are asking God for in your life He has already given you a seed for it. You just haven’t recognized it yet. Ask God today to open your eyes to see the seed that He has given you for your need.


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