The whole chapter of John 17 consists of Jesus praying. This is huge. If we are not careful, we’ll miss this. Right here in this chapter, Jesus is showing us the importance of prayer. Jesus considered pray as being so vital that He took time to do it right before He went to the cross and the grave. If Jesus would take time to pray right before the most crucial point of His life, arguably what would be the most life altering part of all of history, then we should probably pray before we set out to attack each day.

I believe the reason why we walk around defeated each and every day is because we don’t pray as we should. We tend to pray during the storms in life instead of praying before we face them. In other words, prayer has become our last resort instead of our first response. I’ve heard it said before and you probably have to “All we can do now is pray.” If all else fails, then we pray. We look to attack our problems in our on strength instead of praying for God to strengthen us through it. We seem to try to walk through our storms alone instead of praying for God to be with us. We try to overcome our circumstances in our own power instead of praying for the power that raised Christ from the dead to bring us through.

Why is this? Why don’t we pray as often and like we should? Paul instructs us that we should pray without stopping, James, the half brother of Jesus, tells us that our prayers are powerful and effective, and right here in John, Jesus Himself demonstrates for us the vitality of prayer. But yet we still neglect it.

I have a wristband that was given to me by my dad that I carry with me all the time on my key chain. It has the letters P.U.S.H. on it which stands for “pray until something happens.” Maybe next time if you would P.U.S.H. before you face the storms in your life, you wouldn’t be swallowed up by the winds and the waves. Maybe next time if you would P.U.S.H. before you experience a problem, you would see how big your God is instead of how big your problem is. Maybe next time if you would P.U.S.H. before your circumstance, you would be focused on Christ instead of your crisis. Maybe next time if you would P.U.S.H. before you go in, you wouldn’t be left hanging on the cross or buried in the grave. But you would rise in victory.

  1. What does this passage teach us about God? How does it apply to you?
  2. Is prayer a last resort or first response in your life?
  3. Start praying before you attack each day and see if you don’t walk through life victorious.

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