Conversation or Conversion

Have you ever found yourself at work, school, the grocery store, or your neighborhood having a conversation with someone who you knew God was urging you to tell them about Jesus? You find it easy to talk to them about the news, politics, the weather, or even sports. But when it comes to the subject of Jesus, you find it immensely tough to bring it up in the conversation. Why is that? Why is it easy to have a conversation about the weather but tough to share the gospel in an attempt for a conversion?

We see here in John 9, that 2,000 years ago the disciples struggled with the same exact thing. Earlier in John they saw Jesus turn water into wine, a Samaritan woman’s life changed, heal a man who was paralyzed for 38 years, and feed 5,000 people with a boy’s “Happy Meal.” Now they come across a man who was born blind and all they want to have is a conversation with Jesus about why this man was born blind. They are standing with the very person who can do something about this man’s condition and all they are concerned with is talking about the situation. They are so consumed with having a conversation about the man instead of introducing him to the only One that can convert his blindness into sight.

So many people today are walking around blinded by false hope. We have the truth that can open their eyes. We have what the world needs to heal their condition. Jesus opened blind eyes 2,000 years ago and He still opens blind eyes today.

  1. What does this passage teach us about God? How does it apply to you?
  2. Who is it in your life that you know that needs Jesus to open their eyes?
  3. Pray that God gives you the boldness to move from having a conversation to initiating a conversion.



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