Found People Find People

For the next 21 days, we are going to take a journey together through the book of John. The next 21 posts are daily devotionals that I have put together that correspond with each of the 21 chapters in the book of John. If you would like, you can use these devotionals to guide you through reading the book of John over these next 21 days. So without anymore delay, here is day 1.

Found People Find People

 Have you ever made a purchase or started a new hobby and loved it so much that you couldn’t help but tell someone about it? You became so familiar, involved, and built a relationship with it that it just overflowed out of you.

I love to workout. Recently, I was looking for a new place to join in order to be able to workout whenever I wanted to. A friend of mine told me about this new facility. I went to check it out and immediately signed up to become a member. After my first couple of weeks working out there, I fell in love with it. Thereafter, I couldn’t help but tell everyone I came in contact with about how amazing this workout facility is.

John had a similar experience when he encountered Jesus. He couldn’t help but write about it here in the first chapter of his gospel. How all things are made in Jesus. (See vs. 1-5) How God came to man. (See vs. 14) How we now, because of Jesus, have grace upon grace. (See vs. 16-17)

John goes on to give two examples of people who couldn’t help but tell someone about Jesus and bring them to Him. (See vs. 40-51) Jesus finds Andrew and then Andrew finds his brother Simon. Then Jesus finds Philip and Philip finds Nathanael. Andrew and Philip, after being found by Jesus, couldn’t help but go find someone else. In other words, John is showing us that “Found People Find People.”

Once you have been found by Jesus, His love should compel you to go out, find others, and bring them to Him. The hope you have in Jesus should overflow out of you that you can’t help but tell someone else.

  1. What does this passage teach us about God? How does it apply to you?
  2. Have you experienced this hope that is found in Jesus?
  3. Who do you know that you need to tell them about Jesus and bring them to Him?

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