Overcome Day 9

Overcome Day 9: Swing Hard in Case You Hit Something

Read: Isaiah 40:31 and Psalm 27

There was this professional baseball player when asked his strategy when it came to hitting a baseball and he said “I just get up there and swing as hard as I can just in case I hit something.” He was obviously just joking around with the media who was asking the question because hitting a baseball is one of the hardest things to do in all of sports, if not the hardest thing to do.

Some of us, however, walk through life with this “swing hard in case I hit something” mentality. We go through this life hoping and praying we have an impact and maybe accomplish something worthwhile in life. We get an education hoping that we will launch into an inspiring career once we graduate. We get married hoping that one day we will start a family and help raise the next generation in order that they may have an impact on our world. We change careers hoping that we might achieve something that will leave a lasting legacy once we are gone. We move to a new state or maybe even country hoping to get a fresh start on life. We hope and pray that someday, somewhere, somehow we will make a difference in this life.

The prophet Isaiah tells us that those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. Not those who hope in their education. Not those who hope in their bank account. Not those who hope in their career. But those who place their hope and trust in the Lord. There is no hoping and praying when you find your confidence in the Lord. There is no aimlessly walking around in this life swinging hard hoping you will hit something. When you’re hope finds it’s foundation in the Lord, you will not only make a difference in this life but you will make history.

Talking Points:

Do you find yourself walking aimlessly around in this life? What or where do you find yourself putting your hope in?

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