Overcome Day 5

Overcome Day 5: After Having Done All

Read: Ephesians 6:10-17

One of my friends put in the high school yearbook his senior year as his favorite quote this “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” He was a smaller guy, so this quote made sense to him. But if you think about it, some of the hardest people to overcome are those who just won’t quit. You can knock them down countless times, but they always find a way to get back up. No matter what you do to try and discourage them, they always seem to stay relentless. They always seem to stay determined. They always seem to keep persevering. They always seem to have that “never say die” attitude.

Sometimes in life, in order to overcome someone or something, in order to overcome circumstances or situations, in order to overcome the problems and the pain, you just have to withstand and outlast. You have to have that relentless determination inside of you that no matter how many times you get knocked down, you always find the intestinal fortitude to get back up. No matter how devastating the problem or how excruciating the pain, you keep standing.

Paul, who had to withstand and outlast many situations and circumstances, writes to the church in Ephesus “and after you have done everything to stand, stand firm then.” Paul tells us even when we think we have done everything we can to keep standing, to don’t quit, don’t throw in the towel, and don’t give up.

But the problem we have is that we stop reading at the first part of verse 14 and don’t continue on reading through verse 17. We read this and we think Paul is telling us to keep standing on our own strength when in fact that is not what he is saying at all. He is saying that, after we have done everything we know to stand on our own strength and can’t find it within ourselves to keep standing, to continue standing, but not in our own strength, but in the supernatural strength of Jesus. In other words Paul is saying when you let Jesus put His super on your natural, when you let Jesus put His extra on your ordinary, you will be able to withstand, you will be able to outlast, and you will be able to overcome.

Talking Points:

Do you want to give up? Are you trying to stand in your own strength? Are you allowing Jesus to put His super on your natural or His extra on your ordinary?

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