Overcome Day 1

For the next 10 days, I will be posting daily devotionals that correspond with each chapter in my new book, Overcome: How to Rise above When Everyone Else is Sinking, that is coming out this Monday, June 3rd. Also, all these devotionals will be available for free as well as a few other cool things on a new website for my book that will be officially launching on June 7th. Stayed tuned for more details on the new website and I hope you enjoy these devotionals.

Overcome Day 1: Firm Foundation

Read: Psalm 127:1 and Matthew 7:24-29

When you are going to buy a house there are a few questions that you want answered. The first is “Who is the builder?” and the second is “What is the house built on?” Based on the answer to those two questions, you will make a decision on whether or not you will buy the house. If the house doesn’t have a trust worthy builder and a solid foundation, nothing else really matters about the house.

David, who is known as a man after God’s heart, wrote that if God doesn’t build the house everyone’s efforts are wasted. In other words, if God isn’t the builder then nothing else matters. If God isn’t the builder of your relationship then all your efforts to hold it together will be in vain. If God isn’t the focus of your finances then all your efforts to build your bank account will be for not. If God isn’t the builder of your family then all your efforts to raise them is wasted. If God isn’t the builder of your life then your efforts to keep it together will fail.

Hundreds of years later, Jesus takes this truth written by David a little bit further in Matthew 7. Jesus tells a story about two houses. One house was built on the rock and one house was built on the sand. Both houses went through a storm. But the house built on the rock was the only one left standing. The reason why one house stood and one house didn’t wasn’t because of the material that was used to build the house, it wasn’t the location where the house was built, it wasn’t because one house went through the storm and the other house didn’t; the only difference was the foundation that the house was built on. The point that Jesus wanted us to see is if you don’t have the right foundation, it doesn’t matter what you use to build the house, it doesn’t matter what storm the house goes through, the house will not be able to stand. In other words, only a house that is built on the foundation of Jesus will be sustained through the storm.

Talking Points:

So who is building your house? Are all your efforts being wasted? What is your house built on? Who is your foundation?

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