For those of you who haven’t heard yet, there is this movement that has been taking place called the Fuse Summer Kickoff the last two days. We have seen 8,183 students in attendance and 866 SALVATIONS!, 752 in one night, thus far in 2 days and we still have one more day to go! Oh yeah, that’s not a typo, 752 students met Jesus in one night! 

What is happening in the state of South Carolina these past two days, I believe will have a lasting impact not only on the state but the world. Brad Cooper, Family Ministries Director of NewSpring Church, said it best when he said “The wave starts in the student section.” But I believe this is no wave, this is a tsunami that is going to sweep across this state, this nation, and this world and consume everything in its path.

I have never been a part of anything like this. I have never seen anything like this. When people come up to me and ask me questions like “What do you think about this next generation coming up?” “Is there any hope?” “Is the church going to die off in this next generation?,” I look at what is taking place right now across the state of South Carolina and tell them “This next generation is hungry.” “There is hope.” “The church is not going to die off or just survive, but is going to thrive in this next generation.”

I believe our ceiling is this next generation’s floor. We are going to reach 100,000, they’re going to reach 100,000,000. We are not going to fight them, but we are going to fund them. I believe in this next generation. And I think you should too.

For more on what’s happening across the state of South Carolina at the Fuse Summer Kickoff check out http://www.fsko.cc and http://www.bradcooper.us and on Twitter: #FSKO


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