Dried Brook

I heard someone say one time “When the pain of remaining the same becomes greater than the pain of change, that is when change will occur.”

This statement becomes alive to us in the story of Elijah and the brook found in 1 Kings 17. You can read it for yourself in verses 1-9 but here is a quick overview. Elijah goes to the king, Ahab, and tells him that there is going to be a drought in the land. Because of this, the Lord leads Elijah to a brook in order for him to have something to drink and commands ravens to bring him food to eat. But in verse 7 Elijah runs into a problem, the brook dried up. Now what? Why would God lead Elijah to the brook and then allow the brook to dry up?

I believe God did this because He wanted Elijah to move on. God knew that as long as the brook flowed with water and the ravens kept bringing Elijah food, he would have remained the same. But God allowed the brook to dry up signifying to Elijah that change was coming. God was giving Elijah a heads up that the season he was in was coming to an end and that God was moving him into a new season in his life. I know this is true because two verses later, after the brook dries up, God says this to Elijah “Arise, go.”

I believe the same rings true for us today. Sometimes God has to dry up the brook that we are lounging at in order for Him to move us into what He has for us next. Sometimes God will make the pain of remaining the same greater than the pain of change so that we will be willing to move on.

So what brook are you lounging next to? Is God calling you to step into what He has for you next?

Arise and go!


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