Overcome: How to Rise Above When Everyone Else is Sinking


I have a new book coming out pretty soon called Overcome: How to Rise Above When Everyone Else is Sinking. Here is a little sneak peak on what the book is about:

Why does every circumstance in life seem to swallow us
up rather than us conquering it?
We were created to conquer not to be conquered. We
were purposed to overcome not to be overcome. On most
days, however, if we’re honest with ourselves, we don’t feel
like this is true; we feel defeated, we feel destroyed.
In Overcome, you will be challenged and encouraged to
know we can overcome because Jesus overcame. Through the
biblical account of Peter walking on water, we discover how
to rise above our situations, circumstances, and problems.
So, get ready to elevate your life to new heights. Brace
yourself for the experience of a lifetime. Once you soar into
a life of overcoming, there is no sinking back into a life of

I believe the message of this book is something that everyone needs to hear. This book will be very helpful and encouraging to anyone who reads it. I know this because the message of this book has greatly impacted my own life. I can’t wait to hear stories of how Jesus used Overcome to change someone’s life from a life of overwhelming to a life of overcoming.

Stay tuned for an update with an official release date. Also a website with more info including a promo video, a sneak peak of the first chapter, a Twitter profile picture, a Facebook banner, and much more is coming soon.


2 thoughts on “Overcome: How to Rise Above When Everyone Else is Sinking

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  1. AJ, you just keep on just being a surprise, a good one. Even at my age of 65 this Aug. I love to receive information from such a young communicator who lets God work through him. Can’t want for the book to be on the shelves. Zany Sadler


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