The Greatest Message Never Spoken

You’ve heard it said before “Actions speak louder than words.” You probably have names and faces popping into your head right now of people who say one thing but do something entirely different. Jesus said that they will know that you are my disciples by the way you love each other (See John 13:35). In other words, what Jesus is saying is that your posture speaks louder than your proclamation.

I truly believe one of the greatest messages that Jesus ever made was when He said nothing at all. We see this recorded by John in the eighth chapter of his gospel. To set up the scene for you. Some of the religious people of the day caught a woman in the act of adultery, grabbed her, and threw her at the feet of Jesus. They told Jesus, that according to the Law of Moses, this woman should be stoned to death for what she had done and asked Him what was his position on this situation. What Jesus does next is shocking. This act has been highly scrutinized, talked about, preached on, debated, and dissected. Jesus doesn’t say a word, but he stoops down and starts to write something in the sand. Now I believe we have missed the point here. We are all concerned with and focused on what was Jesus writing. I don’t think it is about what did Jesus write in the sand but rather with the posture that Jesus took. While everyone else was standing in condemnation, Jesus stooped down in compassion. Instead of expecting the woman to fix herself so she can rise to His level; Jesus bent down, cleaned up the woman’s mess, lifted her up, and they both rose to their feet together.

So what about you? Do your actions line up with your words? Are you standing in condemnation or are you stooping down in compassion? Are you taking the posture of Jesus?


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