We all do it, have done it, or will eventually do it. Why is it that in our instant messaging, instant coffee, instant breakfast, instant everything world do we tend to put things off? Most of the time it’s the important things that we seem to delay.

I used to do this all the time when I got a project or homework assignment in school that wasn’t due for a couple of weeks. I would put it off and put it off till eventually it was the day before the project or homework was due and I hadn’t done anything. I still find myself falling into this trap today sometimes. Instead of doing it today I’ll find myself saying, and you probably have found yourself saying this as well, “I’ll do it tomorrow.”

Perry Noble, Senior Pastor of NewSpring Church, said this about procrastination that I believe is essential to understanding the weight behind this: “Procrastination is assassination to the purpose that God has for our lives.” The more and more we put off what God is telling us to do, the more and more we delay the purpose that He has for us. If you can’t be faithful in what God has for you now, He will never give you what He has for you next. Noble went on to say “Delayed obedience is immediate disobedience.” Don’t put what God has for you off any longer and continue to live in disobedience. Start listening and obeying today.

My grandfather, to this day, has a magnet on his refrigerator that says “Do it today.” One thing that I’ve come to know about my grandfather is, that if something has to be done, he doesn’t put it off till tomorrow he gets it done as soon as possible. This truth became evident to me no greater than on the day my grandfather took me to get my driver’s permit. I was extremely excited, even though we were waiting at the DMV. I had passed the learner’s permit test. All that was next was the eye exam. They had me look into this machine and asked me to read a specific line. The only problem was I couldn’t make out the letters on the line that they had asked me to read. I found out that day that I couldn’t see things in the distance. I was so distraught and disappointed. I thought for sure I was going to be able to drive away from the DMV that day. But my grandfather saw my disappointment and he wasn’t willing to accept that I had failed the eye exam. So he took me to the eye doctors that day, got me glasses, we went back to the DMV the same day, and I got my driver’s permit.

So what is it that God has told you to do that you have been putting off? Maybe it’s to forgive somebody. Maybe it’s a leap of faith. Maybe it’s asking Jesus to be your Savior and Lord. Whatever it is. Don’t procrastinate any longer. Don’t put off to tomorrow what you can get done today. Don’t delay! Do it today! Do it now!


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