Triumph Out Of Tragedy

With the events that have recently taken place in Connecticut that have been branded on the front of everyone’s mind, people have been asking “Where was God in all of this?” or “How could God allow this to happen?” It boggles my mind on how quickly God gets blamed for the chaos that goes on in our world today but never gets the credit for the blessings that we take for granted in our lives everyday. The truth of the matter is that going back to the shootings in Colorado to the recent shootings in Connecticut the common thread that so permeates each situation is the fact that as a nation we chose to remove God from our schools. In doing so we walked away from His protection, provision, and security. But rather drilling home this point in the remainder of this post, I would like to make a solemn charge and then lend some encouragement to those who are going through this dark and bleak time.

The first thing I would like to say is that this is a time for the church to rise up and be the church. Instead of looking down on with condemnation, we need to reach out with compassion. Instead of making a point in this time, we need to make a difference. Instead of judgement, we need Jesus. Wherever there is a need, we need to reach out with a helping hand. The writer of Hebrews tells us to come to God so that we may receive mercy and grace to help us in our time of need. (See Hebrews 4:16) So we being the people of God, the church should be a place where people can run to in a time of need. Where they can receive mercy and not judgement. Where they can receive grace and not condemnation. Where they can receive help and not hurt. Let the church be a place where the hurting families in Connecticut can come to and find healing.

Lastly I was reminded that about 2,000 years ago another tragic event took place on a Friday. An occurance where it seemed like all hope had been lost. But I was reminded as well of how God took this tragedy and turned it into triumph. How He took a blood stained cross and turned it into an empty tomb. The writer of Hebrews goes on to say that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. (See Hebrews 13:8) So I believe the same God that took a cross and turned it into a crown 2,000 years ago is the same God that can take this recent tragedy in Connecticut and turned it into triumph. I believe God will turn these events in a way where He gets the glory, we get the joy, and the world gets the good.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the families, friends, and communities in Connecticut that have been affected by this tragedy.



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