Out To Pasture

Have you ever felt overlooked or felt invisible? Maybe you’ve been working faithfully at your job and a promotion or position opened up at your company and they gave it to the “new kid on the block.” Maybe you had an older sibling that got all the attention growing up. Maybe the other guy on your baseball team is always getting the credit for the teams win. Whatever the case, I’m sure you can relate to what I’m talking about.

In 1 Samuel 16:1-13, we read about a situation where David is overlooked. Let me put this story in context for you. God has rejected Saul as king, so He sends Samuel on a mission to anoint the next king of Israel. God tells Samuel to go to the house of Jesse because one of his sons is going to be the next king. Samuel goes there and Jesse presents all of his sons before Samuel but none of them God says is to be anointed king. However, Jesse didn’t bring all of his sons to Samuel, he left David, the youngest son, out in the pasture tending the sheep. Jesse assumed that the next king was going to be one of his older sons and thought that there was no way it was going to be David.

David wasn’t even invited to the party that was being thrown by his father to anoint the next king. I’m sure David must have been upset and frustrated having to hangout with the sheep while everyone else was in the house being considered for king. I’m sure he was thinking to himself “What’s wrong with me? Hello? I’m over here. I’ve been faithful and obedient all this time and you’re not even going to consider me for king let alone invite me to the party.”

I too have asked myself those same questions. I have found myself in David’s shoes before. There has been times in my life where I have felt overlooked, forgotten, or invisible. But God hit me on the side of the head with this statement recently “If you remain obedient, I will prove faithful.” This was a gut check for me. It changed my whole attitude and perspective. I now know and trust that God will lift me up and promote me in His perfect timing in order that He gets the glory, I get the joy, and the world gets the good.

So if you are feeling overlooked today, know and trust that God sees you and that if you remain obedient, He will prove faithful.


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