Break Free

In Acts 16 there is a very familiar passage. You probably know this story fairly well. Paul and Silas are thrown in the inner most part of prison. They are pretty much in solitary confinement, locked up in stocks, and placed under maximum security. Looks as if all hope is lost. But at midnight, they began to praise God, suddenly there is an earthquake, the prison is shaken, and all of the prisoners are set free.

Now I’ve heard this analyzed, dissected, and preached countless times and in every instance it is always determined that Paul and Silas praising God is the reason why the prison was shaken and they were set free. But recently I heard Apostle Ron Carpenter point out something I had never heard or seen before about this well versed passage of the Bible.

David writes that God inhabits the praises of His people. (See Psalm 22:3) Therefore, what Apostle Ron Carpenter pointed out, the reason why prison was shaken and Paul and Silas were set free was not because of their praise but because God had stepped into the prison with them. The prison might have been able to hold Paul and Silas but it couldn’t hold God. It might have been able to keep Paul and Silas restrained, but it couldn’t keep God contained.

I don’t know what your situation may be, but know this. The prison you may be in might be able to hold you but it can’t hold God. The enemy may have you locked up momentarily, but when God says it’s time to break the chains, He will set you free. The prison you’re in can not and will not contain the purpose that God has placed within.

God is about to step into your situation and move mightily on your behalf. Lift up a shout of praise and break free.


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