I Got A Feeling

Have you ever believed something so strongly, but because of certain circumstances or feelings, you started to doubt that belief? Maybe you were believing that your son or daughter would turn themselves around, but because of something they did, you started to doubt that. Maybe you were believing for your business to start to grow, but because of the recent economic hit, you began to doubt that. Maybe it was a certain career you were striving for, but because you’ve had to change your major three times, you’ve started to doubt that as well.

John the Baptist was the same way. Earlier in his ministry we see him boldly proclaim, not just once but three times, that Jesus is the One that everyone has been waiting for. (See John 1:15-36) But later on, because of being thrown in prison, John starts to doubt what he had previously boldly proclaimed. (See Matthew 11:2-3)

So many times we fall into this trap. I too have fallen victim to my feelings as well. The enemy loves to place things around us to make us doubt what God has placed inside of us. Don’t let your circumstances dictate your God, let your God dictate your circumstances. Don’t allow your feelings to make you doubt God’s faithfulness. Keep on believing. Keep on trusting. Hold on to your faith.

You may find yourself in a tough place right now, but don’t allow the prison you may be in sway you from believing the promise that God has said. Don’t fall into the feelings trap any longer. Break free from the prison and start standing on the promise.


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