Growing up whenever I came in the house from playing outside, my parents would have me take off my shoes. They had me do this because they didn’t want me to trek all the dirt that had gotten onto my shoes from playing outside all day inside of the house. Till this day, I still take my shoes off whenever I go over my parents house.

There are two instances in the Old Testament where God tells someone to take off their shoes. The first one is probably the most popular one and the one that you have most likely heard of before. It’s found in Exodus 3 where Moses encounters the burning bush in the wilderness. The second one is recorded in Joshua 5 where Moses successor, Joshua, comes in contact with the commander and chief of the Lord’s army, Jesus. In each instance it is sort of a weird request that God tells Moses and Joshua to do. Why would God make such an odd command? Why would God request that they would take off their shoes? Well I believe there is two reasons.

1) Submission

Back in the times of Moses and Joshua, one thing that distinguished servants from their masters was that servants did not have sandals. This signified that the person was in submission to everyone else around them. The two encounters that we see in the Old Testament is the first time that God calls Moses and Joshua to lead His people. The first thing that God wanted to know is if Moses and Joshua would submit to His leading. That they would yield to His command. That they would be subordinate to Him. That is why God requested them to take off their sandals (shoes). God knew that if they couldn’t obey this simple command that they wouldn’t be in submission to His leading.

2) Separation

In both situations, Moses and Joshua are told that the ground that they are standing on is holy. The only thing that stood in between Moses and Joshua from coming in contact with the ground was their sandals. The thing that was separating them was their shoes. So God wanted them to remove their sandals in order that there may be nothing that separated them from Him.

So let me ask you. Do you have your shoes on? Are you having trouble submitting to God’s leading? What is it in your life that is separating you from God that you need to remove? Whatever it is, let it go. Remove it. Take it off. Don’t allow it to stand in the way of you and God any longer. Submit and be set free today.


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