Only God

Many times in my life, instead of seeking after God, I would try to do something on my own only to fall flat on my face. Every time I would attempt something different or try something else in order to accomplish what I had set out to do, it would fall apart.

You have probably ran into the same problem. You are probably wondering why nothing seems to be working.

David gives us the answer in Psalm 136:

“Only God works great miracles. God’s love never fails.”(Psalm 136:4 CEV)

David realized that there are somethings in life that only God can do. So many times in life we get trapped into attempting to do something that only God can do. We need to be willing to step aside, let go, and let God.

Only God can save your family and friends. Only God can heal your marriage. Only God can break the yoke of your addiction. Only God can bring back your prodigal son or daughter. Only God can turn your finances around. Only God can deliver. Only God can set free. Only God can raise somebody from death to life. Only God can do whatever it is that you need Him to do. Only God.


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