3 ‘S’ Words

Today at Newspring Church, we are having our annual leadership conference where pastors, leaders, and entrepreneurs come from all over the world to be encouraged, equipped, and empowered.

The one thing that always stands out from the speakers, staff, and facility is the number of volunteers that take time off on a Thursday to serve the attendees of the conference. There is three ‘S’ words that stood out to me from the conference that I believe, if we do, will change the world.

1) Seek
The word seek has a connotation to it that implies the action of searching. Jesus said that He came to seek out the lost (See Luke 19:10). I believe that instead of waiting for people to come to us, we need to search for them. We need to go out and find them. We need to seek after them. Jesus never waited for people to come to him. He always went after them. He went after the woman at the well. He went after the demon-possessed man. He went after Zaccheus. If Jesus was intentional in searching after people, we need to do the same. Let’s be intentional. Let’s be proactive. Let’s go meet people where they are at.

2) Serve
In order to gain access into a person’s heart, you must first serve them. You must meet someone’s need. Jesus Himself said that He did not come to be served but to serve (See Mark 10:45). The way we become more like Jesus and the time we look most like Jesus is when we serve. If we would humble ourselves and serve others, I believe we would have an impact on people’s lives that would make a lasting impression on our world. If we set our own interests aside and seek after the interests of others, I believe that we could turn this world upside down. We have a saying at Newspring Church that our Director of Students, Brad Cooper, came up with that says “Saved people serve people in order that served people can become saved people.” The key to changing the world around us is for us to serve.

3) Save
A good friend of mine said “Our job is to serve and God’s responsibility is to save.” I can’t save anyone, I can’t even save myself, but God can. He is the author of salvation. He created salvation and whenever He wants to save someone, He will and nothing can or will stop Him. I believe if we would do the first two ‘S’ words, seek and serve, God will do His part, save, and we would see things happen that we’ve never seen before. God will add the extra to our ordinary. He will add the super to our natural. He will do His part if we would only do our part.

Let’s start to seek and serve, then stand back and watch God save our world!


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