Clarity in the Midst of Chaos

I’m currently reading the book “Next Generation Leader” by Andy Stanley. Chapters seven through nine talk about clarity as a leader.

Andy Stanley mentions how uncertainty is not an indication of poor leadership it just underscores the need for leadership. Our responsibility as leaders is to bring clarity into the midst of the uncertainty.

In every area of leadership there is going to be times of uncertainty. There are always going to be decisions you’re going to have to make where you’re not 100% certain about the outcome. But as a leader we can afford to be uncertain, we just can’t afford to be unclear. As leaders, we must fear a lack of clarity more than a lack of accuracy.

A great example of this is Peter. Peter was a born leader. He was the one who Jesus said He would build His church upon. All the other disciples followed Peter, even when it came to just going fishing. We see Peter first become a leader in Matthew 14. You know the story. The disciples get in a boat and start to head over to the other side of the lake when they get caught in a storm. All of a sudden, here comes Jesus walking on the water. Out of all the disciples, Peter cries out “Lord if that’s you, tell me to come.” Jesus tells Peter to come and Peter steps out of the boat and walks on the water.

Immediately from Peter’s question to Jesus “Lord if that’s you” we can see the uncertainty Peter had. But Peter was clear about one thing and that was the fact that he wanted to get to Jesus no matter what. He wasn’t certain about how he was going to get to Jesus, but he was clear that he had to get to Jesus. The uncertainty of the situation did not keep Peter back from the clarity of his determination.

I love what Steven Furtick said “The path may at times be uncertain but the ground that I stand on is firm.” In other words I might not be certain of where I’m going or what the outcome may be, but I am clear on the truth that what I stand on is firm. As a leader you may be uncertain of the path, but always be clear about His promise. We don’t know what tomorrow holds but we do know who holds tomorrow. And because of that, even though there may be some uncertainty, we can still have clarity in the midst of the chaos.


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