In the beginning of 1 Samuel 24, we read that David and his men were hiding out in caves running for their lives. Four books later in 1 Chronicles 11, we read about the exploits of David’s mighty men. What brought about such a drastic difference? These guys went from David’s rag-tag group of men to David’s mighty men. They went from broke, busted, and disgusted to accomplishing some great feats.

I believe the key in the whole scheme of things was David. Here you have a guy who has been anointed king, has just come off of the greatest accomplishment in his entire life, and now he finds himself in a cave with a questionable group of men. But David didn’t let that affect him. Two things David did that I believe we can learn from.

The first thing is that he didn’t let his surroundings affect him but he affected his surroundings. So many times because of the situation or circumstance we find ourselves in we forget who we are. Because of the condition that we may currently be in, we forget our position as a child of God. David didn’t let that get to him. He might have been running for his life and been living in a cave, but that didn’t change the fact that he was going to be king. Don’t let the condition that you find yourself in make you lose sight of the position you have as a king’s kid. You have been called, anointed, and appointed and just because you are currently in a cave doesn’t change that.

Secondly, David didn’t let the group of men he was with change him but he changed them. David didn’t sink down to the level of the men he was with, but he brought the men up to the level he was at. David could have easily let the men influence him, but he didn’t. He influenced them. He changed them. He grew them. Don’t let the people who are around you at your job, at your school, in your neighborhood affect who you are but you affect them. Don’t let them influence you, but you have an impact on them. Don’t allow them to change who you are in Christ, but you let Christ change them.

When the men finally got out of the cave, they were known as David’s mighty men because David refused to let his condition and community affect who he was. He took a stand and because of that his men were willing to take a stand for him even when it involved risking their own life. Take a stand today, so that when you get out of the cave, you will have a lasting impact on the people around you.


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