Religion vs Relationship

Whenever someone comes up to me and asks if I’m religious or says that I’m a religious person, I cringe deep down inside. I always tell them I’m not religious or belong to a particular religion but that I have a relationship with Jesus. And the reason for that is because:

Religion says that we have to try to get to God while Relationship says that God came to us.

Religion says that God loves us based on how good we are while Relationship says God loves us based on how good He is.

Religion says that God blesses us because we love Him while Relationship says because God loves us He blesses us.

Religion is what killed Jesus while through Relationship He lives inside of us.

Religion is based upon our works while Relationship is based upon grace.

Religion condemns while Relationship convicts.

Religion is all about lifting our name up while Relationship is all about lifting the name of Jesus higher.

So are you Religious or do you have a Relationship?


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