Going Fishing

Our Fuse Director of Students, Brad Cooper, said this quote Wednesday night that absolutely rocked my world. This is what he said:

“Church growth explodes when you STOP doing ministry FOR students and START doing ministry WITH students.”

I believe we have raised a generation that wants everything given to them, that is lazy, that doesn’t want to work for anything, and quits when the going gets tough because instead of empowering them we have enabled them. Instead of training, equipping, and sending them out we have catered, criticized, and crippled them. Instead of positioning them to win, we have paralyzed them for defeat. In order for the church to be awakened, we need students serving along side of us instead of sitting under us.

I’m reminded of this quote I heard a while back that said:

“If you catch a fish for someone, you feed them for a day; but if you teach them how to fish, you feed them for a lifetime.”

It’s time for us to stop catching fish for students and start teaching them how to fish. When we can stop fishing for students and start having students fish for students there is no telling how explosive the church will be. Jesus Himself said to the disciples that He was going to make them fishers of men not catch the fish for them. If Jesus didn’t do ministry for the disciples, why would we think that we could do it for our students?

So let’s start encouraging, equipping, and empowering students and see if Jesus doesn’t exponentially grow His church. Stop fishing for and start teaching them to fish and let’s watch the church explode. Because I believe, in doing so, they will not be able to build buildings fast enough in order to contain us.


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  1. I Am Blessed By The Messages On The Blog _ Been Reading
    Since Midnight..! Glory Be God _ This Indeed Food For Spirit Nd
    Soul…! Thanks _ Shalom..!


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