No More Ravens

In Genesis 8 we read about the account of how Noah found out that the waters had receded and that the land was dry. The first thing Noah did was send out a raven. But since a raven is a scavenger and seeks out after dead things, it did not return. Next Noah sent out a dove. Now the dove returned with an olive branch as a sign to Noah that there was life and that the waters had receded.

Now you’re probably wondering what does a couple birds have to do with anything, but what I want to point out I believe will help you.

Some of you might be like the raven seeking after dead things. You are like the women who came to the tomb to prepare Jesus’ body for burial. The angel asked them “Why do you seek the living among the dead?” (Luke 24:5 NKJV) The same thing could be true about you. You find yourself searching for life among dead things. You wander around seeking for satisfaction in places that will never satisfy.

The dove on the other hand is a symbol of the Spirit of God. The only one that can breathe life into your dead places is the Spirit. The Spirit is the only one who can satisfy. The Spirit will bring life back into your hopeless situation. Your lifeless circumstances can be resurrected instantly by the Spirit of God.

So no more searching after dead things trying to find life. Your raven season is over. Let the dove bring life back into your situation. No more ravens!


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