No Regrets

Better to have a life filled with “Oh wells” than a life full of “What ifs.”

I saw this quote on Twitter a while ago and thought it would be good to use for this post. Every time I hear a pastor or leader talk about Peter, they are always bashing him. They point out that he took his eyes off of Jesus and started to sink. They talk about how he cut the servants ear off. They talk about how he denied Jesus. But they never talk about how Peter got out of the boat when the 11 other disciples stayed in the boat. They never mention how Peter was the one who realized Jesus was the Christ. They also never mention how Peter did whatever it took to get to Jesus.

T.D. Jakes, in his message called “Living on Purpose,” is the only one that I have heard point out the positives in Peter. I would rather live a life like Peter where I did everything I could. Where I gave it all that I had. Where I got out of the boat when everyone else stayed in the boat. Where I stood up and said something where everyone else was silent. I want to live in such a way that when I look back on my life, I would have no regrets. I want to live in such a way, like Peter, where I do everything possible to get to Jesus. Where I forsake everything. Where it doesn’t matter if anyone else is going with me. Where I wouldn’t matter what the cost. Where I have poured out all that I have.

So don’t live your life in the realm of “What if,” live your life for something that matters and you will have no regrets.


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