Don’t Cry

There are two instances in the Bible where Jesus raises a young person from the dead. Interesting enough Luke’s Gospel records both of them and they are almost listed back to back. The first account is found in Luke 7:11-17. Here Jesus raises a widow’s son from the dead. The second instance is found in the next chapter, Luke 8:40-56. Here we read about Jesus raising Jarius’ daughter from the dead. In both cases Jesus says the same thing to the widow and the people gathered around Jarius’ daughter. He tells them “Don’t cry.”

This is definitely a strange thing to tell someone who has just lost a child. At first glance, we would think that Jesus has no compassion, but I believe the opposite is true. There is a key concept that Jesus is trying to convey to both the widow and the crowd of people. That concept is best demonstrated through this illustration. When a woman gives birth there is a period that she goes through where the pain is too much to bear so she cries. But eventually there comes a point where, in order to give birth, she has to decide that she is going to quit crying and start pushing. What Jesus is saying when He said “Don’t cry” is that I’m about to do something right here, I’m about to give birth to something, the period to cry is over and now it’s time to push. Too many times we keep crying out to God to deliver us, but what God is trying to say to us is that we need to quit crying and start pushing. Sometimes we have prayed enough and it’s now time for us to act. Instead of waiting around, we need to get going.

The other interesting thing about these two passages of scripture is that we see the older generation crying over the younger generation. I believe God is trying to tell us that the time for crying over this next generation is over. It’s now time to push. God is saying that He’s about to birth something in this next generation like never before but we need to quit praying for it and start acting upon it. Instead of waiting around for this next generation to wake up, we need to get going in helping them rise up to take their place. I believe God is ready to move mightily but He is waiting on us to quit crying and start pushing.

So what is it that you are crying about that you need to start pushing? Don’t cry any longer. Start pushing until you birth whatever it is that God wants to in you life.


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  1. Wow! What an awesome heart after God to push for the next generation to do something crazy for Him! Great post!


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