Open Door Policy

I was reading through the story of Hannah in 1 Samuel chapter 1 and I believe there is a few things that you can take from this account in scripture that will be useful to you.

1) Sometimes God will close a door or an opportunity in your life in order to get your focus and attention back on Him.

In verse 5 of 1 Samuel 1, we read that the Lord closed Hannah’s womb. Hannah was extremely blessed in every area of her life by her husband. She lacked nothing. So in order to get Hannah’s attention, God had to close a door in her life that only He could reopen. No money, no material possession, no promise of security, no love and affection could replace what Hannah lacked in her life. Because of God closing Hannah’s womb, she sought after Him more intensely and fervently. Maybe there is something in your life that God has closed the door on in order that you would seek after Him more. Maybe He has only delayed the opportunity to test you to see how much you trust Him. Jesus said it this way in Matthew 6:33 “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” In other words, if you would seek after God first then He will open all the doors that have been closed in your life.

2) Sometimes God has already opened the door or opportunity in your life but you haven’t done what you need to do in order to walk through it.

After God heard Hannah’s prayers, He opened up her womb but she still had to take the necessary steps in order to give birth. She had to sleep with her husband, she had to carry the child for nine months, she had to go through labor pains, and then she had to deliver the baby. God could have reopened her womb, but if she had never walked through the open door it would have done her no good. Jesus said it this way to the church in Philadelphia “I know your deeds. See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut.” (Revelation 3:8 NIV) Jesus was saying to the church in Philadelphia “Come on. I’ve opened the door. You have to walk through it.” So many times in our lives, God opens doors of opportunity but we don’t see them or we don’t take the necessary actions to walk through them. Jesus told the disciples in John 4 to open their eyes and look at the fields and see that they are ripe for harvest. In other words, He was saying to them I have opened the door in front of you, there is a great opportunity that lies ahead; don’t wait, don’t procrastinate, don’t hesitate, don’t strategize, don’t pray any longer. Walk through the door. Seize the opportunity.

So what is the case in your life? Do you need to seek after God more intensely and earnestly in order that He would open all the doors that have been closed in your life? Or has God already opened the door? Whatever the situation may be, don’t delay any longer, take the necessary action today.


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