I was listening to a message by Joyce Meyers that she spoke at C3 Conference in 2011. She said if you only get one thing out of this message, I want you to get the word “wiggle.” She talked about how the cripple man, mentioned in John 5:1-9, laid by the pool of Bethesda for 38 years. She said if she found herself in that condition for that long of a time, she would at least be able to find a way to “wiggle” her way to get into the pool first in order to receive her healing. As I was listening to her message, God spoke a few things to me that I believe will be helpful to you as well.

1) You got to do what you have to so that you can achieve what you want to.

There are times in life where we are going to have to do some things that we really don’t want to do. Maybe it’s a job. Maybe it’s going back to school. Maybe it’s driving a rundown car until you can afford another one. Maybe it’s something God has been telling you to do for a while now. I’ve been there, done that, got the hat and t-shirt to prove it. Whatever it is, though you don’t want to, you got to in order to get to the next level where God has purposed for you.

2) You have to do what others won’t in order to get, see, or achieve what others won’t.

That’s a mouthful right there. Jesus said it this way “And calling the crowd to him with his disciples, he said to them, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.” (Mark 8:34 ESV) In other words, Jesus was saying to the crowds, if you want to see what my disciples are seeing me reveal to them, if you want to do what my disciples are doing, if you want to follow me where I’m going; you have to be willing to do what others won’t, take up your cross, and deny yourself. Jesus is saying you have to humble yourself, place your own desires to the side for a while, work that job that nobody else is willing to work, go the extra mile when everyone else is only doing the bare minimum, strive for the next level when others are quick to settle, and follow Him where others won’t go.

3) Do what you can and God will do what you can’t.

If you would just be willing to use what God has given you in order to do what you can, God will take care of the rest that you can’t do. This is what my friends and myself call “Macgyvering It.” Macgyver was a tv show about a secret agent, that no matter what the situation or circumstance he was in, he would always use what he had in order to get himself out of it. Some of you need to start using what you have in order to get the job done. Even if what you have doesn’t seem like much, use it. Even if what you have isn’t what others have, use it. Even if what you have doesn’t look like it is what you need, use it. Use what you have and God will take you further and do more through you then you could have ever imagined.

So if you have to work a part-time job on top of your full-time job in order to get by, WIGGLE! If you have to go back to school in order to further your education so that you can get a better job, WIGGLE! If you have to do what you don’t want to in order to get to your ultimate goal, WIGGLE! If you have to use what you have in order for God to do something great, mighty, and miraculous through you, WIGGLE! Find a way to get the job done. WIGGLE! WIGGLE! WIGGLE!


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  1. It seems to me that this site doesnt download in a Motorola Droid. Are other folks having the same problem? I like this blog and dont want to have to skip it any time Im away from my computer.


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