Test Drive

We are all familiar with the story of David and Goliath, but what some of us may not know are the events that took place up to when David killed Goliath. One of these events happened right before David went out to meet Goliath. When word got out that David wanted to fight Goliath, he was taken before Saul, the king. After David convinced Saul that he could kill Goliath, Saul gave David his armor to use in order to fight against Goliath. David refused to use Saul’s armor, not because he couldn’t use it, but because he had never tested it out before. As the story goes, David used what he had tested and was use too, a sling and a stone, in order to kill Goliath.

I just recently got a new car. Before I bought it, I took it for a test drive. I needed to see how the car drove, I needed to get use to how it felt to drive it, and I needed to test it out to see if there was any problems with it. The same is with purchasing clothes. Many of us will never buy any article of clothing online because we must first try it on in order to see how it feels and fits.

In life, we will look at what someone else did in order to get something and copy it in order that we might get the same thing for ourselves. We will follow the same ten step program that worked for someone else, but necessarily might not work for us. We see their ministry, we see their career, we see their house, we see their car, we see their bank account; and we want to know what they did to get it so that we can do the same thing. But just like David used what worked for him to kill Goliath instead of using what worked for Saul, we need to do the same thing. Instead of being focused on imitation, we need to look for revelation.

So what is it that works for you? What is it that God is telling you to do in order to get your breakthrough? No longer try to be an imitation, but focus on receiving a revelation.


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