No Easy Way Out

When I was in college, I worked out regularly six days a week. After a while, the early mornings and long hours that I had registered in the weight room started to produce results, pay off, and people begun to take notice. One specific incident was during my senior year. A fellow student came up to me in the cafeteria and told me he wanted to be just like me. He wanted to be as big, muscular, and strong as I was. He asked me what I had done to get to the place I was at, and when I told him what I did, he told me that he couldn’t do that and walked away.

So many times in life we are just like that fellow student of mine in college. We see what others have and we want it for ourselves. We see their church, we see their ministry, we see their job, we see the size of their house, we see their fancy car and we want the same thing. The only problem is that we don’t want to put in the work, log in the same type of hours, make the sacrifices that they did in order to get there. I heard Joyce Meyers say “Don’t want what other people got if you’re not willing to do what they did to get it.” In other words we shouldn’t be envious or jealous of what others have or the position they are at if we are not willing to do the work they did to get there.

In our society and culture today, we want everything to be given to us. We think that God is a genie and He is going to grant all our wishes. A good friend of mine said “In order to receive the promises of God, you must first be willing to go through the processes of God.” Nothing in this world comes easy, you have to work through a process to get it. Everything in life is a process not an instance. There is no easy way out.

Stand on the promise that Paul writes in Galatians 6:9 that you will be rewarded if you don’t give up. Stay faithful through God’s process and see if He will not bless you with His promise.


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