Selective Criticism

Today everything runs on the media. We have news channels, political commentary, sports analysts, websites, blogs, magazines, newspapers. Everyone wants to voice their opinion, have their voice be heard, and throw out all kinds of theories and ideas.

Instead of knowing who we are and where we stand, we buy into whatever we see, hear, watch, and read. We are quicker to listen to someone else’s advice or opinion rather than stand firm on the truth. We are led by criticism rather than by Christ.

We need to be careful of listening to the critics. Because, just like they did for Jesus, they can be singing our praises, saying “Hosanna,” and welcoming us like a triumphant champion; but a few days later they can be running your name through the dirt, crying out “Crucify him,” and wanting to bury you.

But just like Jesus, no matter what the peanut gallery says, we need to remember who God says we truly are. Jesus asked what the people (critics) said about Him, but He always lined it up with the truth of what God said. Whenever we listen to the critics we need to match it up with the Word of God. We need to know what the truth is so we are not wavered by what the critics say.

So when evaluating criticism; be selective, make sure it lines up with the Word of God, and don’t waver from truth.


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