United We Stand

There is a time in Jesus’ ministry where He is going about casting out demons. The Pharisees see what Jesus is doing and claim that He must be Beelzebub. Jesus quickly corrects them by saying “A kingdom divided against itself can not stand.” Jesus is stressing that we need to be united. This story is mentioned in three out of four Gospels (See Matthew 12:25-26, Mark 3:24-26, Luke 11:17-18). Anytime something is repeated in the Bible this means God is trying to point something out to us that is of great importance.

A clear example of how powerful unity is, is found in Genesis 11:1-9. We find here the story of the tower of Babel. The people were of one race, one language, and had one goal. They set out to build a city with a tower that reached to the heavens. Because they were united together, they would have accomplished this feat. God Himself said that there was nothing they could not do. God had to confound their language and cause division among them in order that they would not be able to reach their goal.

I heard a Pastor from Texas say “We are suppose to be a nation not a denomination.” We are so concerned with our own agendas, opinions, motives that we cause division among ourselves. If the people building the tower of Babel could accomplish a selfish feat, task, goal because they were united, what could be done if the body of Christ is unified. If God is the only person that could stop the people who were unified, nothing will be able to stop us if we could unite together for the advancement of the Kingdom. This is why Paul wrote “If God be for us who can be against us.”

God wants to do something, but because of our division, we are holding Him back. Because of our division, we are holding ourselves back. Because of our division, we are holding the world back.

Jesus knew how much power there is in unity. That is why He prayed for us to be unified together. If Jesus prayed for unity, then it must be pretty important.

So let us lay aside our pride, our motives, our opinions; and let us unite together for the cause of advancing the Kingdom of God. Because divided we fall, but united we stand!


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