Why God?

“Jesus wanted Peter to walk on water so he could see how to walk above what everyone sinks into.” Bishop T.D. Jakes, Senior Pastor of the Potter’s House.

I heard Bishop Jakes say this in his message called “The Power of a Thought” and it got me thinking.

Have you ever wondered why bad things happen to good people? Why does it rain on the just and the unjust? Why does God allow certain things to happen to you in your life? I believe anyone who has ever lived this life for a while has asked these questions. Life tends to throw different things at you and hit you with things when you least expect it and there is no rhyme or reason to it.

It’s not a question of if the storm is coming, but it’s about when is the storm coming. I believe God allows certain situations, circumstances, and trials to arise in our lives so that we can see how to overcome when others are overcome by the same things. God allowed Daniel to be thrown in the lion’s den so he could see God make the lions a pillow for his head. God allowed the three Hebrew boys to go through the fiery furnace so that they could dance with Jesus in the fire and come out not smelling like smoke. God allowed Paul and Silas to be thrown in prison so that they could see God set them free.

God will allow a storm to come into your life in order that you might learn how to dance in the rain and still be standing firm when it’s all said and done. God will allow you to be put through the fire so that you can be pure as gold and come out on the other side not singed, burnt or smelling like smoke. God will allow you to be thrown in prison and be held captive in order that you may see His deliverance, the anointing break the yoke of bondage, His power break every chain, and see Him set you free indeed.

So what is it that you’re going through? Don’t give up. Don’t quit. Because there is a reward waiting for you on the other side.


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