Attention Getter

My son, pay attention to what I say; turn your ear to my words. Proverbs 4:20 (NIV)

If God can’t get your attention, He will mess with whatever it is that has your attention in order that He might get your full, undivided, surrendered attention. So many times in life God is trying to get our attention so that He can reveal something to us or tell us something, but we are too busy or to involved with something else that we don’t notice. So in order to get our attention off of that and back on Him, He will allow things to happen in our lives until we pay attention to Him.

We find an example of this in Matthew 2:1-2. The wise men were astrologers. They study the stars. Their patterns, meanings, and each individual one. All of their time, talent, effort, energy was caught up in these stars. So in order to get their attention off of the stars and on Jesus, God placed a new star in the sky. They followed the star until it led them right to Jesus. God messed with the stars that had captivated the wise men’s attention so that their focus would be placed back on what really matters in life, Jesus.

I had this happen in my life. Ever since I could walk, I fell in love with the game of baseball. I played baseball all the way from Little League to College. During that time, I had slowly transferred my attention from God to baseball. So God started messing with the game I loved. After College, my dreams and aspirations in baseball started to fall apart. I traveled all across the country, from workout to workout, tryout to tryout, spring training to spring training; trying to make it into professional baseball. But door after door kept closing and all my efforts ended up in vain. I finally came to the point of surrendering to God and placing my full, undivided attention back on Him.

So what is it that has your attention? Is God messing with your money? Is God messing with your career? Is God messing with your relationship? Is God messing with your favorite sport like He did with me? Is God messing with the thing you love? Whatever it is surrender to God and place your attention back on the only one who matters in life, Jesus.


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