Enough is Enough

Change happens when the pain of remaining the same is worse than the pain to change. Dale Bronner

There is a scene in the movie “Moneyball” where Billy Beane, the General Manager of the Oakland Athletics, is all depressed and discouraged over what he believes is another disappointing season. Peter Brand, Beane’s right hand man, finds Beane in this predicament and brings him into the video room to show him something. He shows Beane a clip of a minor league baseball player who, while rounding first base trying to go to second base; trips, stumbles, falls down, and starts crawling his way back to first. What the player failed to realize though is that the ball he hit had landed 60 feet past the outfield fence for a home run. So instead of jogging around the bases and doing something he’s never done before, he’s seen crawling his way back to first base where it has always been comfortable.

In Genesis 32:22-32, we find Jacob in a similar situation. The name Jacob means trickster. His mother was a trickster, his father-in-law was a trickster, and he now finds himself living a life that has been passed down to him and who everyone else has told him that he is. He gets to a place in his life where he is tired of what his history tells him he is destined to become, he is tired of what other people have told him he is, and he finally says enough is enough. The pain of staying the same, the pain of remaining comfortable, the pain of complacency becomes too much to take any longer. So he finds himself wrestling with God until something changes. He struggles, he fights, he even endures the pain of his hip being wrenched out of place in order that he might change his life. Because of Jacobs struggle with God, he was left with a limp, but he was forever changed. Marcus Mecum, Senior Pastor of 7 Hills Church, said “You may not look as good or swift along the way, but what you want is more important than how you look.”

So many times we are not willing to leave our comfort zone or to try to get to second base because it might be too painful, people might think you’re crazy, you might look stupid doing it or even after everything is said and done, not realizing what could be accomplished or what has already been achieved by doing so. Billy Beane had revolutionized the game of baseball, but he didn’t realize it. He was too busy trying to crawl his way back to first base. He was too worried about the fact that he had been left with a limp. He was too concerned about what other people were saying about him. He couldn’t see that he had changed baseball forever and that he had hit a home run.

So when is enough going to enough that you’re willing to change? What are you trying to crawl back to? What are you worried about? What are people saying that has got you so concerned? Today is the day! Get yourself off first base! Fight until you see the change!


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