Storm Chaser

Life’s not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain. – Vivian Greene

Have you ever wondered why it seems like God is nowhere to be found while you are going through a trial? Have you ever asked “Where are you God?” It seems to me that every time I’m in the midst of a trial, test, or storm; God seems to be silent. Why is that?

In the book of Mark, we find the disciples in a similar situation (See Mark 4:37-38). They are in the middle of a fierce storm, struggling for their lives, and Jesus is sleeping. The moment they need Jesus the most to do something, say something, show them what to do; He’s nowhere to be found. Why would Jesus be sound asleep in the midst of a storm? I heard Sheryl Brady, Senior Pastor of the Potter’s House North Dallas, say that Jesus was called “Rabbi” which means teacher. Now a teacher tells, explains, demonstrates, and shows you everything you need to know before you take the test. While you are taking the test, though, the teacher says nothing. The reason why Jesus was asleep during the storm is because He had already taught the disciples everything they needed to know before they went through the storm. Notice the first thing Jesus does when the disciples wake Him is rebuke the winds and the waves, then He asks the disciples why do they have no faith. Jesus had already told them that if they had faith they could tell a mountain to move and it would move (See Matthew 17:20). Paula White, Senior Pastor of Without Walls International Church, said “Remember in darkness what God revealed to you in the light.” The reason why God seems like He’s nowhere to be found and seems to be silent while we are in the middle of a storm is because He has already revealed to us what we need to do before the storm, trial, or test in our lives showed up. God wouldn’t allow you to go through a storm if He hadn’t already prepared you for it. God knows that greater is whatever He has put inside of you than anything the enemy could every put around you.

I heard a message recently by Steven Furtick, Senior Pastor of Elevation Church, where he said “The promise is not the absence of trouble in your life, but the promise of the presence of Christ in your trouble.” So many times we think that because we believe, trust, and serve God that we will never face any storms, trials, or tests in our lives. We then start to question God why we have certain things happen in our lives. We need to remember that Jesus said we would have trouble in this world (See John 16:33). But Jesus also said that He will be with us through it all (See Matthew 28:20). Jesus was there in the lion’s den, Jesus was there in the fiery furnace, Jesus was there in the storm, and Jesus will be there with you to see you through whatever life seems to throw your way.

So don’t just face the storms that come your way in life. Chase after them!


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