Big Picture

Those who accepted his message were baptized, and about three thousand were added to their number that day.
(Acts 2:41 NIV)

When we read about the early church in Acts, we see the hundreds and thousands of salvations and baptisms. We read about the miracles, signs, and wonders that God did through the Apostles. We read about how God added and multiplied to their numbers daily. We see how mightily the Spirit moved in those days during the beginning of the church. We remember how Jesus said in John 14:12 that greater things we will do than He did.

Then we take a look at the church today and our lives, and wonder, ponder, and ask why don’t we see hundreds and thousands added to our numbers, why we don’t see miracles, signs, and wonders that the early church experienced. Nobody seems to understand why. If the same God, same Jesus, and same Spirit moved so powerfully over 2,000 years ago, why does it seem that God, Jesus, and the Spirit aren’t moving like that today.

There has been many theories thrown out to try to answer this. Some say it’s because the church has lost focus on the main point, Jesus. Others say that it’s because we aren’t open to or walking with the Spirit. While some have said the reason is that we have weak faith and since we have so many other things to put our trust in, we have lost our faith, trust, and hope in God. In other words instead of God being our first response, He’s our last resort.

While those answers might as well be the reason why, I believe it’s because we seem to only look at our own lives, our own church, our own world, and our own picture; and lose sight of the big picture. I believe God is moving today greater than He ever has before. Because now we don’t have just one person filled with the Spirit, one Son of God, Jesus; we have multiple people filled with the Spirit, many sons of God. I believe if we look at the whole picture, God is still adding hundreds, thousands, and even millions to the church today. At Elevation Church there has been over 600 salvations for their Code Orange Christmas services. At NewSpring Church there has been over 200 salvations at their Christmas Party services. A few months ago, both Elevation Church and NewSpring Church had over 2,000 baptisms each on one weekend during their spontaneous baptism services. At NewSpring Church alone there has been over 3,000 salvations this past year.

That’s just two churches that comprise of the whole church. If we take in all the churches in the world today, we in fact see God moving mightily, powerfully, and greater than He did in the days of the early church. So when you start to get discouraged and think that God is not moving, take your eyes off your small picture and take a look at the big picture.


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