There is no Room

And she gave birth to her firstborn, a son. She wrapped him in cloths and placed him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn. Luke 2:7

Since it’s less than three days until Christmas, I heard “While You Were Sleeping” by Casting Crowns on the radio the other day, and a message from Bishop T.D. Jakes, Senior Pastor of the Potter’s House; I felt inspired to write a post about this famous verse from Luke that we all read, quote, and preach about this time of year. Now this is not going to be the usual message you’re use to hearing about how there was no room in the inn for Jesus 2,000 years ago and there seems to be no room for Him in our hearts today. No this message is going to be a little different than that. I’m going to use two points from Bishop T.D. Jakes’ message titled “Five Points to My Star.”

1) Man has nothing to do with God’s promises.

So many times in life we think that we need someone to come along and help us fulfill what God has promised or purposed for our lives and if that doesn’t happen or we get resistance, rejection, denial from people; we lose all hope of the promise ever coming to pass. If God is going to do something in your life, He’s going to do it and man won’t be able to stop it (See Acts 5:39). Luke tells us that there was no room in the inn for Mary to give birth to Jesus. Even though there was no room that couldn’t prevent the promise, Jesus, from being born. Some of you feel like everywhere you go there is no room. You’re looking for someone to take you in, for someone to agree with you, for someone to help you along the way. You don’t need to confer with man, you need to confer with God. You don’t need man’s approval, you need God’s approval. People don’t have to embrace you, endorse you, or support you. As a matter a fact, they might even criticize you. Remember Paul tells us that if God be for us who can be against us (See Romans 8:31). So don’t wait around any longer, don’t be discouraged, don’t shrink back; go do what God has purposed for you to do!

2) Great things are often born outside of the system.

God does great things in strange places, don’t wait around for the system to let you in. Jesus was born in a manger. That’s not where a king is to be born. Some seasons in your life might not have the ideal circumstances, but they can still have the ideal promises. The circumstances in your life don’t diminish the greatness of the concept. Just because the situations and circumstances aren’t how you envisioned them or drew them up to be; it doesn’t change who you are forever in Christ, it doesn’t change your purpose, and it doesn’t change the promises. If you do what God called you to do, you can let the systems of the world catch up with you later.  I use to get so discouraged, depressed, and lose all hope when people rejected me and the system wouldn’t let me in. But I remembered that Peter wrote about how Jesus was the stone that the builders rejected but God made Him the chief cornerstone (1 Peter 2:7). Now I thank the people who rejected, denied, and abandoned me because if they helped me, they could say they made me who I am; but because they shut the door, God has made me what I am.

So don’t worry that there is no room for you and start thanking and praising God that He will make a way where there seems to be no way.


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