It is Finished

I heard a great message this past week from Steven Furtick, Senior Pastor of Elevation Church, called Behold, Beyond, and Nevertheless. He mentioned how Jesus said in the garden “Nevertheless not my will but your will be done.” And how we should have that same attitude. I got to thinking that the last words Jesus said in the garden “Nevertheless” were followed by the last words He said on the cross “It is Finished.” God clearly spoke to me and said a “Nevertheless” attitude is always followed by an “It is Finished” mindset. In other words, you won’t be able to get to the “It is Finished” parts of your life until you can get to the “Nevertheless” attitude that says whatever you tell me to do God I’m going to do it.

The thing that gets me all the time is when Jesus said “It is Finished,” He said it in the darkest moment, during a storm, and before the work was done. We seem to worry about stuff in life, questioned God when we are going through a particular storm or season in our lives, lose all hope; as if God doesn’t have a plan for what we are facing in life or what we may be going through. God might have started something good in our lives and we begin to doubt if He’s ever going to finish it because of certain circumstances or situations that may arise. Paul tells us that we need to be confident that when God starts something, He’s going to complete it (See Philippians 1:6). In other words, God doesn’t start something He doesn’t plan on finishing, is going to finish, or has already finished. So be confident. Have the same faith that Abraham had and know that God is able to do what He said He will do (See Romans 4:19-21).

Isaiah writes that God knows the beginning from the end (See Isaiah 46:9-10). When Hollywood goes to start a movie, they always film the ending first and then start piecing together all the other scenes to fit into that ending. God is the same way with your life. He has already finished the end to the storm you’re going through, the trial you are in the middle of, the pain that you’re experiencing, the dark moment in your life, and whatever else you might be dealing with. John writes in Revelation that God is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last (See Revelation 1:8, 21:6, 22:13). We can be confident in whatever it is because God is the beginning and God is the end. After everything is said and done, God was there in the beginning and God will be there in the end.

I believe that if we could have this “It is Finished” mindset in our lives whatever it is that may arise in our lives we would attack it head on. I may be in debt now but “Nevertheless” God you said “It is Finished.” My relationships seem like they’re falling apart but “Nevertheless” God you said “It is Finished.” I might be sick in my body but “Nevertheless” God you said “It is Finished.” Fill in the blank, whatever it is “Nevertheless” God you said “It is Finished.”

Have that “It is Finished” mindset today!


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